Best Friends 2

Best friends 2

11. I’m your new teacher
2. Where’s the kitten?
3. What a yummy cake!
4. Review
Verb to be, has/have
Apostrophe s for possessives
This/that/these/those; prepositions
There is/There are…
Look at…What is it? It’s a/an… I want…
He/She wants…
Stop that!
Hold Michael’s hand!
Don’t sit there!
At school;
Greetings; Descriptions
School Supplies: At Home; Family and Pets; Rooms of the house; Colors; In a Restaurant Food.
21. I want to climb.
2. Ken is next to the slide.
3. It’s time to get up.
4. Review
climb, rollerskate, ride a bike/scooter, run, jump rope, play ball, park;
Passive: playground, castle, merry -go-round, live(s), tick tock, grandfather, cuckoo, alarm, radio, minutes, hour, hurry, get up, eat breakfast
slide, water fountain, bench, monkey bars, swings, seesaw, park, sandboxlong /i/
31. She’s wearing a pink dress.
2. They’re having fun.
3. Is he running?
4. Review
Free time;
Every day activities
41. Can you bring plates?
2. I can see a bird in the tree.
3. She can eat ten pizzas.
4. Review
61. I don’t like snakes.
2. Do you like snakes?
3. I go to school on Monday.
4. Review
71. She goes to school, too.
2. My father works at home.
3. Does he like bananas?
4. Review
81. Melba and Sam are trick or treating.
2. What season is it?
3. We make snowman in the winter.
4. Review
Sports/ Vacation activities
91. What do they look like?
2. Whose grandmother is Martha?
3. Ken is Tom’s good friend.
4. Review.