Best Friends 3

Unit 11. They’re best friends.
2. Nice to meet you!
3. It’s a good school.
4. Who is she?
Gerunds with activities
Prepositions of place
Ability with can
Present simple: Affirmative and questions
Friendship Likes/Dislikes; Introductions numbers to 100; Months Seasons; Everyday Routines; Days of the Week; Clothing Food School; Descriptions professionsFriends, play, dolls, animals, favorite, sports, watch, movies, games, tennis, basketball, books, ride, bike, weather, read, ball, soccer, park, playground, slide, swings, bench, seesaw, water fountain, monkey bars, meat, pizza, fruit, lunch bread, vegetables, cake, French fries, student, breakfast teacher, police officer, veterinarian
Unit 21. Can I go?
2. Can I have some popcorn?
3. I don’t have any toast
4. Review
Can for permission
a vs . some
some vs. any
Rules for Good Citizenship; Classroom and home; Food and Drinks; Breakfast Food; Reading: Breakfast is importantRules, feed, litter, trash, grass, barbecue, thirsty, hungry, popcorn, toast, eggs, butter, jelly, bacon, cereal, yogurt, pancakes, syrup, breakfastWater, orange, juice, tea, coffee, milk, soda, ketchup, mustard, soup, honey
Unit 31. You’re going to get a haircut.
2. Where are you going to go?
3. Put the gas station on the corner.
4. Review
Future with going to: Affirmative
Future with going to: Questions and negative
Prepositions of place
Places in the City
City and Country
Reading: Our houseboat
Haircut, hairdresser, corner, farm, country, city, apartment, street, job, medicine, broken, corner, houseboat, homework, medalsHospital, gas station, office building, bank, mall, airport, pharmacy, pet store, post office, mechanic
Unit 41. I was a soldier.
2. Our children were little.
3. Was he a good inventor?
4. Review
To be: Past for I, he, she, it
To be: Past for you, we, they
To be: Past for questions and negative
Family; Occupations; Adjectives for people;
Reading: The Mona Lisa
Inventor, artist, architect, museum, painting, woman, vegetarian, Italy, Italian, opinion, little, cute, young, big, old, serious, busy, famous, behindClean, dirty, happy, sad, sunny, rainy, neat, messy, noisy, quiet
Unit 5Review
Unit 61. There were only two sheep last week.
2. How many dogs were there?
3. They were born on Tuesday
4. Review
There was/ there were
Questions with Was there …?
And Were there …?
Question word + was/were
Baby animals; Ordinal numbers; Dog Show Animal Parts; Birthdays; Reading My Special DogPuppy, kitten, calf, lamb, chick, tail, paw, fur, lost, born, twin, same, minutes, special, blind, congratulationsFirst, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth
Unit 71. I played soccer after school yesterday.
2. He did 100 sit-ups at 6:10.
3. Did you like it?
4. Review
Simple past: Affirmative, regular verbs; Simple past: Affirmative, irregular verbs; Simple past: Yes/no questionsEveryday Activities; Exercise; Reading: Soapbox Derby; CarsGot-up, went back, sit-ups, push-ups, player, ask, exercise, recess, hope, dessert, sugar, boring, noise, laugh, hear, decide, say, soap, box, motor, race, hill, world, winnerDrank, went, ate, did, had, slept, read, wrote, made, took
Unit 81. When did you make it?
2. Who taught art last year?
3. We found an old box.
4. Review
Simple past: information questions; Simple past: questions with Who More past verbs: Regular and irregularInventions; School Subject; Bike Parts; Reading: We Don’t Buy ToysMaybe, later, broken, handle bar, seat, wheel, math, class athlete, teach, taught, take, took, subject, find, found, get, got, draw, drew, ride, rode, hurried, carry, carried, oldArt, English, Spanish, computer class, library,music,physical education,science, geography
Unit 91. He was drawing silly pictures.
2. Were you making the bed too.
3. I was playing with my soccer ball when the vase broke.
4. Review
Past continuous: Affirmative, all forms; Past continuous: Negative and questions, all formsSilliness; Solving a Mystery; Furniture; Kinds of TV shows; Reading: Radio daysDad, silly, bed, detective, sink, refrigerator, stove, bathtub, closet, sofa, television, telephone, radio, imagine, band, western, code, vaseExciting, cartoon, documentary, soap opera, sports, movies, game show, scary, funny, silly, boring
Unit 10Review