Best Friends 5

UnitLessonStructure TopicsVocabularySpelling
Unit 11. We`re a happy family.
2.The blue T-shirt is mine!
3. The Carter Kids are the best.
4. Review
Review book of 4
Possessive pronouns
Adjectives: comparatives and superlatives
Past simple and past progressive
Introduction of Characters School
Descriptions Favorite Things Values
Home Clothing Time
Reading: Illinois
Reading: Britney Spears
Perform, commercial, music video
Unit 2 1. I`m from the United States.
2. This is a Mexican restaurant.
3. More people speak Mandarin than any other language.
4. Review
To be from + country
To be + nationality
He/she speaks / language /
Countries Continents
Nationalities Languages Flags
Numbers to a Billion
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin, Bengali, Russian, German, Japanese, stars, stripes, princess, accidentThe United States, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Germany
Unit 31. Everything in our encyclopedia.
2. Did anybody call?
3. There was nowhere to go.
4. Review
Indefinite pronouns with-thing
Indefinite pronouns with-one and-body
Indefinite pronouns with-where
Reading: Diana, Princess of Wales
Doing Research
Reading: Where You Live Natural Disasters
Reading: Earthquakes
Reading: Anne Frank
Tajikistan, encyclopedia, hemisphere, natural disasters, waves, died, electrical, lines, damage, kill, war, hide, diaryEarthquake, flood, volcano, tornado, lighting, hurricane, fire, avalanche, landslide, meteorite
Unit 41. Would you get them out of here?
2. You shouldn`t kill it!
3. You must be careful!
4. Review
Would for polite requests
Endangered Species
Ant Communities
Reading: Ants
Reading: Jane Goodall
Autograph, microphone, workers, eggs, spider, scorpion, sting, bite, inject, tail, leash, helmet, lane, shark, photographerAnt, species, queen, larvae, habitat, farm, soldier, nest, endangered, extinct
Unit 5Review lesson from Unit 1 to Unit 4Readings about the United Kingdom: the Union Jack, Souvenirs, Famous People
Unit 61. We aren`t going to be famous, are we?
2. He doesn`t play the trumpet, does he?
3. She can talk to him, can`t she?
4. Review
Tag questions with to be
Tag questions with do/does
Tag questions with different verbs
Music: Instruments, Groups, Types, Composers
Reading: Orchestras
Reading: Music Around the World
Reading: Mozart
Instruments, violinists, players, band, orchestra, string, woodwind, brass, percussion, samba, bagpipes, panpipes, prodigyMusician, composer, piano, conductor, singer, orchestra, drums, violin, flute, trumpet
Unit 71. Do it quickly!
2. She might come this afternoon.
3. What are you doing this weekend?
4. Review
Adverbs of manner
Might vs. will/won`t
Present continuous for future
Reading: Recycling
Reading: Ten Minutes a Day
Reading: Johnny Appleseed
Separate, plastic, glass, aluminum, environment, newspapers, pollution, smog, wolf, pot, steelRecycle, dirty, bottle, garbage, trash, water, flower, seed, ground, corner
Unit 81. They`re too young.
2. I only got a little chewing gum.
3. My kids have too much to do.
4. Review
Determiners: adjective+too/enough
Determiners: a lot of+noun; a little/ a few + noun
Determiners: too many/ too much+ noun
American Holidays
Reading: Halloween
Reading: Christmas trees
Fourth of July, Independence Day, jack-o`-lantern, trick-or-treat, chewing gum, branch, ornament, tinsel, decorateHalloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine`s Day, turkey, pumpkin, fireworks, mask, flag, costume
Unit 91. I hurt myself.
2. She told me to get a cigarette.
3. What did you tell her?
4. Review
Reflexive pronouns
Indirect speech: Affirmative/ negative
Indirect speech: Interrogative
Health and safety
Reading: Sunshine Substance Abuse
Reading: Say No to Drugs, Alcohol and Cigarettes
Reading: Mother Teresa
Fever, sore throat, headache, cold, sunburn, scratch, chicken pox, toothache, sneeze, nausea, sunstroke, sunscreen, peace, nun, Albania Smoke, drinks, drugs, protect, dangerous, cigarette, alcohol, substance abuse, hurt
Unit 10Review lesson from Unit 6 to Unit 9