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Best Friends 6

Unit 11. What did she say?
2. I was listening to it in class.
3. You ask a lot of questions, don`t you?
4. Review
Reported speech with said and told
Interrupted past:indefinite
Pronouns: adverbs of manner
Tag questions: too / enough
Object / reflexive pronouns
School: character introduction description, and personal information
Reading: Australia
Reading: Immigration
Fable: The city mouse and the Country mouse
Mouse, mice, field, corn, crackers, moral
Unit 21. Have you ever played ice hockey?
2. I`ve played the guitar since I was six.
3. We haven`t made a CD yet.
4. Review
Present perfect: past participles
How long…? For / since
Present perfect: negative.
already/ yet
Reading: The Olympic Games
Fable: The Tortoise and the Hare
Hike, volleyball, champion, Olympics, Greece, hare, tortoise, explorer, sail, climb, North Pole, Mount Everest Skiing, swimming, diving, hockey, running, gymnastic, boxing, sailing, snowboarding
Unit 31. Have you ever visited a museum or an art gallery?
2. It looks like you`ve just started.
3. Surrealists haven`t done nice work like Van Gogh.
4. Review
Conjunctions: and, or and but
It looks like…; just/never/yet
Present perfect vs. simple past
Fable: The Two Goats
Museum, camera, traditional, modern, weird, depressing, magnificent, original, unusual, origami, jewelry, handicrafts, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, goat, cross, refuseSculpture, portrait, landscape, art, painting, photograph, pottery, paintbrush, canvas, artist
Unit 41. He`s a guy who works on TV.
2. It`s a show which comes from Chicago.
3. Chicago is the city where I live.
4. Review
Relative clauses: who
Relative clauses: which
Relative clauses: where
See, hear, feel, smell, grass, water, flowers, bring, strong, lift, fat, swimBasket, spoon, knife, plate, fork, spoon, glass, napkin, bowl, bottle, can
Unit 5Review
Unit 61. I don’t like snakes.
2. Do you like snake?
3. I go to school on Monday.
4. Review
Like /don’t like: First person
Questions and short answer: Second and third persons
Present simple: First person, affirmative and negative
Animals and Food
Likes and dislikes
Days of the Week
Different, snake(s), interesting, hate, scary, movies, cartoons, egg(s), comedies, insects
Passive: because, outside, rivers, medicine, rat, need
Days, week, weekend, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Unit 71. She goes to school, too.
2. My father work at home.
3. Does he like bananas?
4. Review
Present simple: Third person affirmative
Present simple: questions and short answer, third person
Present simple: Third person with question words
Everyday Activities MealsSoup, jungle, busy, lunch, dinner, play the piano, sing, explore, lesson, lifeListen(s), fix(s), take(s), grow(s), clean(s), like(s), climb(s), watch(s), jump(s), blow(s), swim(s)
Unit 81. Melba and Sam are trick-or treating.
2. What season is it?
3. We make a snowman in the winter.
4. Review
Contrast present progressive and present simple : Affirmative
Prepositions: in, at, on
More present progressive
Sports/Vacation Activities
New year’s day, Valentine’s day, Earth day, Easter, Mother’s day, father’s day, Thanksgiving day, Halloween, Christmas, birthday, month, winter, spring, summer, fall, season, country, pick, camp out, play tennis, pool, mountain, basketballJanuary, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Unit 91. What do they look like?
2. Whose grandmother is Martha?
3. Ken is Tom’s good friend.
4. Review
What does (he/she) look like?
Whose ___ is ___ ?
Apostrophe s for possession
Family Members
Family Trees
Short, long, tall, blond, hair, glasses, bald, fat, chubby, thin, pretty, handsome, mustache, beard
Passive: puzzle, picture, barefoot
Parents, grandparents, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, son, daughter, children
Unit 10Review