Дунд түвшиний сургалтын програм

Уг түвшин нь А В гэсэн хоёр дэд түвшинд хуваагдах ба түвшин тус бүр нь долоо хоногт 3 удаа орох ба нэг удаагийн хичээл нь 1 цаг 30 минут үргэлжлэнэ. Нийт хичээлийн тоо нь 24 удаа буюу 8 долоо хоног үргэлжлэнэ. 








A time to remember

People; childhood; memories

Introducing yourself; talking about yourself; exchanging personal information; remembering your childhood

Past tense; used to for habitual actions

Reduced form of used to

Listening to people talk about their past

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


Caught in the rush

Transportation; transportation problems; city services

Talking about transportation and transportation problems; evaluating city services; asking for and giving information

Adverbs of quantity with count and noncount nouns: too many, too much, fewer, less, more, not enough; indirect questions from Wh-questions

Syllable stress

Listening to a description of a transportation system

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


Time for change!

Houses and apartments; lifestyle changes, wishes

Describing positive and negative features; making comparisons; talking about lifestyle changes; expressing wishes

Evaluations and comparisons with adj-s: not….enough, too, (not) as…as; evaluations and comparisons with nouns: not enough…., too much/many…,(not) as much/many …as; wish

Unpronounced vowels

Listening to people talk about capsule hotels

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


I’ve never heard of that!

Food; recipes; instructions; cooking methods

Talking about food; expressing likes and dislikes; describing a favorite snack; giving instructions

Simple past vs. present perfect; sequence adverbs: first, then, next, after that, finally

Consonant clusters

Listening to descriptions of foods

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


Going places

Travel; vacations; plans

Describing vacation plans; giving travel advice; planning a vacation

Future with be going to and will; modals for necessity and suggestion: must, need to, (don’t) have to, better, ought to, should (not)

Linked sounds with /w/ and /j/

Listening to travel advice

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


OK. No problem

Complaints; household chores; requests; excuses; apologies

Making requests; accepting and refusing requests; complaining; apologizing; giving excuses`

Two-part verbs; will for responding to requests; requests with modals and Would you mind…….?

Stress in two-part verbs

Listening to results of a survey

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


What’s this for?

Technology; instructions

Describing technology; giving instructions; giving suggestions

Infinitives and gerunds for uses and purposes; imperatives and infinitives for giving suggestions

Syllable stress

Listening to a radio program; listening to people give advice

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


Let’s celebrate!

Holidays; festivals; customs; celebrations

Describing holidays, festivals, customs, and special events

Relative clauses of time; adverbial clauses of time: when, after, before

Stress and rhythm

Listening a description of Carnaval

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


Back to the future

Life in the past, present, and future; changes and contrasts; consequences

Talking about change; comparing time periods; describing possibilities

Time contrasts; conditional sentences with if clauses

Intonation in statements with time phrases

Listening to people talk about changes

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


I don’t like working on weekends

Abilities and skills; job preferences; personality traits; careers

Describing abilities and skills; talking about job preferences; describing personality traits

Gerunds; short responses; clauses with because

Unreleased and released /t/  and /d/

Listening to people talk about their job preferences

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


It’s really worth seeing!

Landmark and monuments; world knowledge

Talking about landmarks and monuments; describing countries; discussing facts

Passive with by (simple past); passive without by (simple present)

The letter o;  Listening to descriptions of monuments; listening for information about a country

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


It could happen to you!

Information about someone’s past; recent past events

Asking about someone’s past; describing recent experiences

Past continuous vs. simple past; present perfect continuous

Contrastive stress in responses;  Listening to people talk about recent experiences

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


Good book, terrible movie!  Entertainment; movies and books; reactions and opinions

Describing movies and books; talking about actors and actresses; asking for and giving reactions and opinions

Participles as adjectives; relative clauses

Emphatic stress

Listening for opinions; listening to a movie review

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


So that’s what it means!  Nonverbal communication; gestures and meanings; signs; drawing conclusions

Interpreting body language; explaining gestures and meanings; describing emotions; asking about signs and meanings

Modals and adverbs: might, may, could, must, maybe, perhaps, possibly, probably, definitely; permission, obligation, and prohibition


Listening to people talk about the meanings of signs

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


What would you do?

Money; hopes; predicaments; speculations

Speculating about past and future events; describing a predicament; giving advice and suggestions

Unreal conditional sentences with if clauses; past modals

Reduction of have;  Listening to people talk about predicaments; listening to a radio talk show

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes


What’s your excuse?

Requests; excuses; invitations

Reporting what people say; making requests; making invitations and excuses

Reported speech: requests; reported speech: statements

Reduction of had would;  Listening for excuses; listening to voice mail messages

3 lessons/ 4 hours 30 minutes