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Ахисан дунд түвшиний програм

Уг түвшин нь А В гэсэн хоёр дэд түвшинд хуваагдах ба түвшин тус бүр нь долоо хоногт 3 удаа орох ба нэг удаагийн хичээл нь 1 цаг 30 минут үргэлжлэнэ. Нийт хичээлийн тоо нь 24 удаа буюу 8 долоо хоног үргэлжлэнэ. 








That’s what friends are for!;  Personality types and qualities; relationships; turn ons and turn offs

Describing personalities; expressing likes and dislikes; agreeing and disagreeing; complaining

Relative pronouns as subject and object; clauses with it + adverbial clauses with when

Linked sounds;  Listening for opinions; listening for descriptions of people

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


Career moves

Jobs; unusual careers; job skills; summer jobs

Talking about unusual careers; describing jobs; discussing the pros and cons of jobs

Gerund phrases as subjects and objects; comparisons with adjectives, verbs, nouns, and past participles

Stress with compound nouns Listening to descriptions of summer jobs; listening for likes and dislikes

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


Could you do me a favor?

Favors; formal and informal requests; messages

Making unusual requests; making indirect requests; accepting and declining requests

Request with modals, if clauses, and gerunds; indirect requests

Unreleased consonants;  Listening to people making, accepting, and declining requests

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


What a story!

The media; news stories; exceptional events

Narrating a story; describing events in the past

Past continuous vs. simple past; past perfect

Intonation in complex sentences;  Listening to news broadcasts; listening to a narrative about a past event

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


Crossing cultures

Cultural comparisons and culture shock; moving abroad; emotions; customs; tourism and travel abroad

Talking about moving abroad; expressing emotions; describing cultural expectations; giving advice

Noun phrases containing relative clauses; expectations: the custom to, (not) supposed to, expected to, (not) acceptable to

Word stress in sentences;  Listening for information about living abroad; listening to opinions about customs

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


What’s wrong with it?

Consumer complaints; everyday problems; electronics; repairs

Describing problems; making complaints; explaining something that needs to be done

Describing problems with past participles as adj-s and with nouns; describing problems with keep + gerund, need + gerund, and need + passive infinitive

Contrastive stress;  Listening to people exchange things in store; listening to complaints; listening to repair people describe their jobs

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


The world we live in

The environment; world problems; current issues

Identifying and describing problems; coming up with solutions

Passive in the present continuous and present perfect; prepositions of cause; infinitive clauses and phrases

Reduction of auxiliary verbs;  Listening to environmental problems; listening for solutions

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


Lifelong learning

Education; learner choices; strategies for learning; personal qualities

Asking about preferences; discussing pros and cons of different college majors talking about learning methods; talking about personal qualities

Would rather and would prefer; by + gerund to describe how to do things

Intonation in questions of choice;  Listening in questions of choice;  Listening to descriptions of courses; listening for additional information

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


At your service

Everyday services; recommendations; self-improvement

Talking about thing you need to have done; asking for and giving advice or suggestions

Have or get something done (active and passive); making suggestions with gerunds, infinitives, modals + verbs, and negative questions

Sentence stress;  Listening to suggestions for self-improvement

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


The past and the future

Historic events and people; biography; the future

Talking about the future; talking about things to be accomplished in the future

Referring to time in the past with adverbs and prepositions: during, in ago, from ….to, for, since; predicting the future with will, future continuous, and future perfect

Syllable stress;  

Listening for opinions about public figures; listening to predictions



Life’s little lessons

Milestones and turning points; behavior and personality; regrets

Describing rites of passage; describing turning points; describing regrets and hypothetical situations

Time clauses: before, after, once, the moment, as soon as, until, by the time; describing regrets and hypothetical situations with should not have + past participle and if clauses + past perfect

Reduction of have and been;  Listening to descriptions of important events; listening to regrets and explanations

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


The right stuff

Qualities for success; successful businesses; advertising

Describing qualities for success; describing features; giving reasons for success; interviewing for a job; talking about ads and slogans

Describing purpose with infinitive clauses and infinitive clauses with for; giving reasons with because, since, because of, for, due to, and the reason

Reduced words

Listening for features and slogans

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


That’s a possibility

Pet peeves; unexplained events; reactions; predicaments and advice

Making conclusions; offering explanations; describing hypothetical events; giving advice for predicaments

Past modal for degrees of certainty: must (not) have, may (not) have, might (not) have, could (not) have; past modals for opinions and advice; should (not) have, could (not) have, would (not) have

Reduction in past modals

Listening to explanations; listening for the best solution

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


Behind the scenes

How a movie is made; media professions; processes; the entertainment industry

Describing how something is done or made; describing careers in the media

The passive to describe process with is/are + past participle and modal + be + past participle; defining and nondefining relative clauses

Stress in compound nouns;  Listening to a producer describe his work; listening for personality traits

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


There should be a law!

Recommendations; opinions; social issues; controversial issues

Giving opinions for and against controversial issues; offering a different opinion; agreeing and disagreeing

Giving recommendations and opinions with passive modals; should be, ought to be, must be, has to be, has got to be; tag questions for opinions

Intonation in tag questions

Listening for solutions to everyday annoyances; listening to issues and opinions

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes


Challenges and accomplishments

Challenges; accomplishments; goals; volunteering

Describing challenges, frustrations, and rewards; discussing traits needed for meeting challenges; talking about the past and the future

Complex noun phrases containing gerunds; accomplishments with the present perfect and simple past; goals with the future perfect and would like to have + past participle

Stress and rhythm

Listening to challenges and rewards of people’s work; listening for people’s goals for the future

3 lessons/4 hours 30 minutes