Хүүхдийн 6 түвшний сургалт


Хүүхдийн 1-р түвшний сургалт

1-р түвшинд сурагчид энгийн үзсэн сэдвийнхээ хэмжээнд нүдэлж уншиж сурна. Үсэг, 1-10 хүртэлх тоо, өнгө, хичээлийн хэрэгсэл, эд юмсын байршил, өрөөнүүдийг хэрхэн нэрлэх, цаг агаар, биеийн хэсгүүдийг хэрхэн нэрлэдгийг үзэх ба үзсэн үгүүдээ ашиглан богино хэмжээний өгүүлбэр зохион бичих чадвартай болно.







1.  Introductions

Toys and Party items

  1.  Hi! I’m Mariana
  2.  Is it a kite?
  3. I’m six
  4. Review

Hi/Hello. I’m… / This is…

Is it a … ?

Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

How old are you? I’m six.

Number words 1-10, boys(s), girl(s)


friends, happy, little, CD

Happy birthday

Cake,  ball, balloon, candle, present, doll, party, hat, kite, teddy bear, book

/b/   /d/

2.  School Supplies The Alphabet

  1.  It’s a notebook.
  2. What’s your favorite color?
  3. Where’s the pencil?
  4. Review

What is it? It’s a …

What’s your/his/her name?

My/your/his/her name is …

How are you? I’m fine, thanks.

Good morning/ afternoon.

Where is the … it’s in/on/under

Colors: red, blue, yellow, black, white, pink, grey, purple, orange, green


Favorite color, toy chest

Pencil, ruler, backpack, pen, crayon, notebook, pencil, case, chair, desk

/p/   /b/

3.   Family/Pets

Rooms of the House

  1.  Who are they?
  2. Look at these dogs!
  3. I have a small family.
  4. Review

What are these/those?

They’re …

I have …


Look(at) …

Brown, house, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage, car


Animals, beautiful, small, big

Brother, sister, mother, father, turtle(s), dog(s), cat(s), bird(s), fish

/t/   /th/

4.   Parts of the Body

Describing of the People

  1.  I have two feet.
  2. This is an ear.
  3. We’re all friends.
  4. Review





Regular and irregular plurals


Monster, happy, smart, funny, friends, tall, short, cute, pretty, ugly, great, toy


Vowels, shoulders, knees

I love you

Legs, head, hands, finger(s), arm(s), mouth, eye(s), nose, ear(s), feet

/h/   /r/

5.        Review






6.  Weather

Classroom object

  1. It’s sunny.
  2. What a mess!
  3. It isn’t messy now.
  4. Review

Singular questions with to be

Negative sentences with to be

Short answer responses

What a … !

Plural question with to be

Hot, cold, clean, mess(y), sad, picnic, umbrella, snowman, crazy, sunny, rainy, windy, snowy, cloudy,


Wet, warm, snowflake, yummy

Window, floor, clock, poster, computer, eraser, blackboard, flag, apple

/c/   /g/

7.  Occupations


  1. He’s a bus driver.
  2. I’m on a bike.
  3. Are the dogs sick?
  4. Review

Short answer responses

Questions with What, Where, Who


Prepositions: At home/school, on the bus/train/plane

Surprise, shelf, bus, train, plane, taxi, bike, car, home, school, fine, sick



Teacher, dentist, vet, homemaker, pilot, nurse, doctor, bus driver, taxi driver, police officer, student

/s/   /sh/

8.  Zoo Animals

Farm Animals


  1. You aren’t monkey.
  2. There are three monkeys.
  3. There’s a duck on the farm.
  4. Review

There is/are …

Questions with to be

Prepositions: on the farm/at the zoo/

In the cage

Number words 11-20, square, circle, triangle, rectangle

Passive; horse, chicken, bear, parrot, cage

Good night! ; How many..?

Seal, tiger, sheep, lion, giraffe, elephant, monkey, zebra, duck, cow

/ch/   /sh/

9.   Food & Stores

  1. Don’t eat in the class!
  2. I want that boat.
  3. Please give one!
  4. Review

Commands; Sit down.

Don’t eat candy.

I want …

He/she wants …

Irregular plurals

boat, restaurant, toy store, bookstore, comic book, brave,

box, food.



Lollipop, hotdog, candy, apple, banana, sandwich, chocolate, hamburger, ice-cream

/b/   /v/





Хүүхдийн 2-р түвшний сургалт

2-р түвшинд сурагчид одоо үргэлжилж буй цаг, энгийн одоо цаг, захирах хүсэх төлөв, хүн болоод амьтны гадаад төрхийг тодорхойлох, бусдаас зөвшөөрөл хүсэх зэргийг хэрэглэж сурахаас гадна өмнө үзсэн сэдвүүдээ бататган унших, бичих, ярих, сонсголын дасгалыг үргэлжлүүлэн хийнэ.









  1. I’m your new teacher.
  2. Where is the kitten?
  3. What a yummy cake!
  4. Review

Verb to be; has/have; Apostrophe s for possessives  This/ that/ these/those;prepositions                    There is/There are …Look at … What is it? It’s a/an … I want …He/ She wants … Stop that!   Hold Micheal’s hand!    Don’t sit there!

At school; Introductions;  Greetings Descriptions;  School Supplies;         At home;             Family and Pets  Rooms of the house Colors; In a restaurant Food





  1. I want to climb
  2. Ken is next to the slide.
  3. It’s time to get up.
  4. Review

Let’s (go to the …); More prepositions: behind, next to, in front of, between; It’s time to …; What time is it?; Verbs

Animals; Commands Toys; Playground Equipment; Park Activities; Numbers(by fives to 100); Telling time

Climb, rollerskate, ride a bike/ scooter, run, jump, rope, play ball, park; Passive: playground, castle, merry-go-round; Live(s), tick tock, clock; Grandfather, cuckoo, alarm, radio, minutes, hour, hurry het up, eat breakfast

Slide, water fountain, bench, monkey bars, swing, seasaw, park, sandbox



  1. She’s wearing a pink dress.
  2. They’re having fun.
  3. Is he running?
  4. Review

Present progressive: All persons, Affirmative; Questions: Present progressive; Short answers; Negatives: Present progressive; More Verbs




Wear, take a  picture, have fun, study, do, drink, homework, play soccer, dance, bark, talk, read, happen, laugh, work, cry, wash, watch, listen, make, dinner, fix the car, write a letter, take a shower, fly

T-shirt, dress, skirt, blouse, sweater, pants, shirt, socks, shoes, tie



  1. Can you bring plates?
  2. I can see a bird in the tree.
  3. She can eat ten pizza.
  4. Review

Can for permission; Can for senses; Can for ability;      How many … ?



See, hear, feel, smell, grass, water, flowers, bring, strong, lift, fat, swim

Basket, spoon, knife, plate, fork, spoon, glass, napkin, bowl, bottle, can










  1. I don’t like snakes.
  2. Do you like snake?
  3. I go to school on Monday.
  4. Review

Like /don’t like: First person

Questions and short answer: Second and third persons

Present simple: First person, affirmative and negative

Animals and Food

Likes and dislikes



Days of the Week

Different, snake(s), interesting, hate, scary, movies, cartoons, egg(s), comedies, insects

Passive: because, outside, rivers, medicine, rat, need

Days, week, weekend, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday



  1. She goes to school, too.
  2. My father work at home.
  3. Does he like bananas?
  4. Review

Present simple: Third person affirmative

Present simple: questions and short answer, third person

Present simple: Third person with question words

Everyday Activities Meals

Soup, jungle, busy, lunch, dinner,  play  the piano, sing, explore, lesson, life

Listen(s), fix(s), take(s), grow(s), clean(s), like(s), climb(s), watch(s), jump(s), blow(s), swim(s)



  1. Melba and Sam are trick-or treating.
  2. What season is it?
  3. We make a snowman in the winter.
  4. Review

Contrast present progressive and present simple : Affirmative

Prepositions: in, at, on

More present progressive




Sports/Vacation Activities

New year’s day, Valentine’s day, Earth day, Easter, Mother’s day, father’s day, Thanksgiving day, Halloween, Christmas, birthday, month, winter, spring, summer, fall, season, country, pick, camp out, play tennis, pool, mountain, basketball

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Long and short /u/


  1. What do they look like?
  2. Whose grandmother is Martha?
  3. Ken is Tom’s good  friend.
  4. Review

What does (he/she) look like?

Whose ___ is  ___ ?

Apostrophe s for possession


Family Members

Family Trees

Short, long, tall, blond, hair, glasses, bald, fat, chubby, thin, pretty, handsome, mustache, beard

Passive: puzzle, picture, barefoot

Parents, grandparents, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, son, daughter, children



Хүүхдийн 3-р түвшний сургалт

3-р түвшингийн сурагчид нь ирээдүй болон энгийн өнгөрсөн цаг, өнгөрсөнд үргэлжилж буй цаг, энгийн одоо цагийг ажил мэргэжил, өдөр тутмын цагийн хуваарь, улирал, улс орон гэсэн сэдэв дээр тулгуурлан үзнэ. Мөн сонирхол болон хоббины талаар судлана.










  1. They’re best friends.
  2. Nice to meet you!
  3. It’s a good school.
  4. Who is she?

Gerunds with activities

Prepositions of place

Ability with can

Present simple: Affirmative and questions

Friendship Likes/Dislikes; Introductions numbers to 100;  Months Seasons; Everyday Routines;  Days of the Week;  Clothing  Food  School;  Descriptions professions

Friends, play, dolls, animals, favorite, sports, watch, movies, games, tennis, basketball, books, ride, bike, weather, read, ball, soccer, park, playground, slide, swings, bench, seesaw, water fountain, monkey bars, meat, pizza, fruit, lunch bread, vegetables, cake, French fries, student, breakfast teacher, police officer, veterinarian




  1. Can I go?
  2. Can I have some popcorn?
  3. I don’t have any toast
  4. Review

Can for permission

a vs . some

some vs. any

Rules for Good Citizenship; Classroom and home;  Food and Drinks;  Breakfast Food;  Reading: Breakfast is important

Rules, feed, litter, trash, grass, barbecue, thirsty, hungry, popcorn, toast, eggs, butter, jelly, bacon, cereal, yogurt, pancakes, syrup, breakfast

Water, orange, juice, tea, coffee, milk, soda, ketchup, mustard, soup, honey



  1. You’re going to get a haircut.
  2. Where are you going to go?
  3. Put the gas station on the corner.
  4. Review

Future with going to: Affirmative

Future with going to: Questions and negative

Prepositions of place

Places in the City

City and Country

Reading: Our houseboat

Haircut, hairdresser, corner, farm, country, city, apartment, street, job, medicine, broken, corner, houseboat, homework, medals

Hospital, gas station, office building, bank, mall, airport, pharmacy, pet store, post office, mechanic



  1. I was a soldier.
  2. Our children were little.
  3. Was he a good inventor?
  4. Review

To be: Past for I, he, she, it

To be: Past for you, we, they

To be: Past for questions and negative

Family;  Occupations;  Adjectives for people; Reading: The Mona Lisa

Inventor, artist, architect, museum, painting, woman, vegetarian, Italy, Italian, opinion, little, cute, young, big, old, serious, busy, famous, behind

Clean, dirty, happy, sad, sunny, rainy, neat, messy, noisy, quiet





  1. There were only two sheep last week.
  2. How many dogs were there?
  3. They were born on Tuesday
  4. Review

There was/ there were

Questions with Was there …?

And Were there …?

Question word +  was/were

Baby animals;  Ordinal numbers;  Dog Show   Animal Parts;  Birthdays; Reading My Special Dog

Puppy, kitten, calf, lamb, chick, tail, paw, fur, lost, born, twin, same, minutes, special, blind, congratulations

First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth



  1. I played soccer after school yesterday.
  2. He did 100 sit-ups at 6:10.
  3. Did you like it?
  4. Review

Simple past: Affirmative, regular verbs;  Simple past: Affirmative, irregular verbs;  Simple past: Yes/no questions

Everyday Activities; Exercise;  Reading: Soapbox Derby;  Cars

Got-up, went back, sit-ups, push-ups, player, ask, exercise, recess, hope, dessert, sugar, boring, noise, laugh, hear, decide, say, soap, box, motor, race, hill, world, winner

Drank, went, ate, did, had, slept, read, wrote, made, took


/t/, /d/, /ed/


  1. When did you make it?
  2. Who taught art last year?
  3. We found an old box.
  4. Review

Simple past: information questions;  Simple past: questions with Who More past verbs: Regular and irregular

Inventions;  School Subject;  Bike Parts;  Reading: We Don’t Buy Toys

Maybe, later, broken, handle bar, seat, wheel, math, class athlete, teach, taught, take, took, subject, find, found, get, got, draw, drew, ride, rode, hurried, carry, carried, old

Art, English, Spanish, computer class, library,music,physical education,science, geography



  1. He was drawing silly pictures.
  2. Were you making the bed too.
  3. I was playing with my soccer ball when the vase broke.
  4. Review

Past continuous: Affirmative, all forms;  Past continuous: Negative and questions, all forms

Silliness;  Solving a Mystery;  Furniture;  Kinds of TV shows;  Reading: Radio days

Dad, silly, bed, detective, sink, refrigerator, stove, bathtub, closet, sofa, television, telephone, radio, imagine, band, western, code, vase Exciting, cartoon, documentary, soap opera, sports, movies, game show, scary, funny, silly, boring /s/, /n/, /r/, /t/



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